Ground Decaf Coffee

Looking for the best decaf ground coffee? Here are our top recommendations. 

Who said the best coffee had to be Italian? This Cornish coffee is made using the carbon dioxide method which uses not chemicals or solvents to remove the caffeine. They started out as just doing tea but this clearly shows they’re good at coffee too. The only downside is they don’t make clear where the coffee is from. 

This awarding winning coffee blend is from a family owned coffee business based in Barcelona. Using beans from Brazil, Central America, Africa, and the Caribbean the beans are slow roasted before being blended. The swiss water process is used to decaffeinate the beans. It is a strong smooth coffee. 

If you care about how you’re coffee is sourced then this one is for you. It’s fairly traded, organic, and decaffeinated without chemicals using the swiss water method. The coffee has a dark roast and is best suited for cafetieres, filters, and percolators (possibly not expresso machines). All beans are sourced from small producers in northern Sumatra. 

The claim by Lean Caffeine is clear: they make the worlds cleanest coffee. No pesticides, heavy metals, or mycotoxins. It’s good too. If purity is your thing then this is for you. 

Decaffeinated using the swiss water method this can be best described as a great all rounder. The beans are from the Costa Rican province of San Jose. Ideal for cafetiere coffee makers. 

Looking for decaf coffee beans?

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